The integration of highly dynamic weather data (with update frequency moving towards minutes) into high-performance aviation data services is a challenge for IT industry.

For powerful support of pilots in-flight and ATM in general these aviation weather data need to be combined with hazard predictions like turbulence and icing. Additionally, further relevant parameters such as lightning radar data, active Cumulonimbus developments, as well as space weather data can be phased in. Especially for mission planning and monitoring of unmanned aircraft systems up to the lower edge of stratosphere new capabilities can be demonstrated using this combination of datacubes.


  Capabilities Demonstrated  

  • provide weather forecast data as 4D x/y/z/t datacubes, in analysis and visualization ready form
  • make these data and services available through the Cube4EnvSec federation
  • updated these datacubes at the frequency new data arrive
  • enable ad-hoc products derivation and analytics without programming
  • make aviation products available on any end device and through manifold clients, based on open standards


The various weather datacubes provide concise information on active thunderstorms in near real time for commercial airlines, air traffic controllers, airports, military air force pilots, and NATO AGS with the follwing benef its:

  • The reduction of complex weather features to an easy to interpret information allows aviation stackholders and other decision makers in civil and military agencies common information sharing and decision ma king (CIS, CDM).
  • In addition all actors gain direct insight into the background meteorological conditions, as e.g. cyclones, fronts, individual clusters, stationary storms.
  • The thunderstorm hazard information is tailored to user requirements, self-explanatory and easy to implement in existing displays.



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Weather data by DWD, service by rasdaman GmbH, project management by Constructor University L-SIS Research Group.


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